Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Candles By Victoria Story Writing Contest Winner!

As Victoria awoke on Sunday morning, she had the distinct impression that it would be an ENERGIZING and PAZAZZY day. Little did she know that trouble was brewing like FRENCHVILLE COFFEE on the SAFARI SUNSET.

The smell of CHERRIES AND CHESTNUTS filled the air and her room especially smelled CLOTHESLINE FRESH. She looked out of her window and noticed that the ENGLISH IVY looked particularly beatiful and her COTTAGE GARDEN looked like something out of a HAWAIIAN DREAM.

The PLUMERIA were blooming next to the TUBEROSE and JASMINE. The entire scene itself seemed like a MIDSUMMERS NIGHT DREAM.

Unfortunately, Vicki had to get back to what was planned for the day. Between the BLUEBERRY COBBLER, CRANBERRY RELISH, BAKED APPLE STRUDEL, BLACK CHERRY CRUMBLE and LEMON POUND CAKE, her day would be STRAWBERRY JAM packed. And her upcoming wedding to her SWEET TALKing BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH, Paul, also had her mind running BUTT NAKED crazy. With a HAPPY sigh, Vicki let go of her FIELD OF DREAMS and decided to get to work.

Without even knocking, Paul, smelling like COOL WATER, NAUTICA FOR MEN and VERY SEXY all mixed together, walked through the door and Vicki was filled with RELAXATION. BEST FRIENDS from the start, Paul always brought TROPICAL BLISS to Vicki's life. But now, his sad face made her stop and take pause. He grabbed a FUDGE BROWNIE and a TROPICAL COOLER and sat down in her HOME SWEET HOME.

"We've got to talk, Vicki" he said. "This COCONUT BANANA BLAST is over. There's something you have to know."

Vicki decided to grab a COCO LIME COOLER and JELLY DONUTS and CINNAMON BUNS. She needed the STRESS RELIEF. BERRY ME ALIVE now, is what she began to think. Was this CRUSH ON THE HANDYMAN deemed to be a disaster?

"Vicki...this is hard, but those CHRISTMAS MEMORIES of us fighting and thoughts of that horrible BREAKFAST IN VERMONT just don't go away," he started. "I'm leaving you.This has been a hell of a FIRESIDE ROMANCE. Your beautiful WHITE SHOULDERS and SCRUMPTIOUS SCOOPS have been a SWEET ESCAPE, but I must be honest."

Vicki's thoughts of TROPICAL KISSES in the BAHAMA BREEZE with her future husband became as about realistic as a SHAMROCK KISS or an ENCHANTED FORREST. Everything was beginning to UNWIND for her.

"Just what do you mean, Paul? What about PARADISE BAY and our little LOVE SHACK in the FRENCH QUARTER?" Vicki asked. "I dont give a CRANBERRY BANAN FLIP what's going on."

Boy, was that a RASPBERRY ZINGER for Paul.

"Look Vicki. I have met someone else. She's as SWEET AS SNOW. She's a SWEET ROSE and she's real HEAVENLY TYPE," Paul explained.

"Are you kidding me? Who the hell is this DAFFODIL? Look you FLAP better start talking before I stick this CINNAMON STICK up your...." Vicki started to say.

"Vicki! What I'm trying to say is that my new SUGAR DROPS is your sister, LAVENDER," Paul finally said. "I'm caught up in her RAPTURE."

Everything was silent except the sounds of Paul's LEATHER PANTS as he moved his legs nervously. Vicki was silent for a second as an ETERNAL EMBER grew in her heart and she had finally GONE GRAPE.

"Been enjoying a little INDONESIAN DELIGHT and SEX ON THE BEACH with my sister, hunh Paul? You better ROOT BEER FLOAT your behind out of here, Paul before I take this table to your CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES and even the STAR OF BETHLEHEM won't be able to help you," Vicki finally said.

Paul walked out of her house slowly, taking with him Vicki's SUMMER PEACH PASSION. Vicki let out a sigh. Her dreams of a SNUGGLE BABY and BABY'S BREATH had ended. She needed an APPLE MARTINI or better yet, a KAHLUA CAFE OLE. And as she decided to grab a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE and a PUMPKIN FRAPPUCINO, she smiled and realized she also needed Paul's brother's phone number. She was free for a date tonight!


Written By: Meghan Vital

Winner of a $50.00 gift certificate from Candles By Victoria

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