Sunday, May 6, 2007

How Candles By Victoria came to be...

I started making candles in 1999 for myself because I was a huge candle lover but was always disappointed in the scent throw and burn quality that I got from store bought candles, even from the upper end candle companies. So in my quest for a better burning more fragrant candle, I started Candles By Victoria. I tested for over a year until I came up with the perfect wax formulation to give a full and complete burn all the way to the bottom of the candle. Then I tested and searched for the perfect scents for our line that would give off the strongest and most fragrant aromas!!

I requested the help of my friends and family to give me honest opinions and through many months of testing and reformulating, Candles By Victoria went public in May of 2000 and has been going strong and growing ever since! In June of 2006 I opened my first retail store, from my kitchen stove seven years ago to a small workshop on my property to the now 3000 + sq. ft. retail store where CBV currently resides, dreams do come true!

Candles By Victoria is my dream and my passion, I put my entire heart and soul into this business. I make each and every candle by hand in my store. I personally pour each candle, advertise the business, create and maintain the entire website, including 99% of all the graphics you see on it. Candles By Victoria is my full time job, and my #1 priority is producing a high quality, 100% handmade candle that burns and smells amazing! Customer service is very important to me as well and we will go beyond the normal call of duty to make sure EVERY customer is satisfied with their order and the service they receive.

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